Windscreen Protection Films

Originally designed for use on windscreens for military and motorsport vehicles WPF is now being used to protect vehicles with high value replacement screens.

 The film absorbs the force of windscreen impacts, significantly reducing the occurrence of stone chips, peppering, pitting, cracks and breakages.

 The film comes in either a 2 or 4 layer application. The multi-layered films mean that after an impact, one layer can be removed to leave the glass in pristine condition. The film is scratch resistant, so windscreen wipers do not abrade the surface, and clarity is still 100%.

 WPF is ideal for classic cars, vehicles with very expensive or hard to source screens, track cars, coach, bus and lorry screens.

Windscreen Protection Film

The maximum depth of the application from top to bottom of the screen is 30". If your screen is dimensionally bigger than this, there will obviously not be complete coverage. The damage prone areas can still be covered, although for road cars, it may not be acceptable aesthetically. The screen width is not capped.

We strive to make it clear to potential customers, the film, by its nature and purpose, is thick and is somewhat visible. It is not like a flexible paint protection film, it is rigid and is heat moulded to the screen. 



Supply and fit a 2 Layer film £475 + Vat

Supply and fit a 4 Layer film £675 + Vat


Other benefits of application are:

  •  UV Stabilisers which reduce heat, prolonging the life of your vehicles interior trims
  • Far better visibility in inclement weather, as rain and other elements just run straight off

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