We offer a wide range of films from clear safety film to 95% tinted 'Limo' black. We bespoke the tint on each vehicle. We can create progressive shading, particularly on larger vehicles, whereby, there is no obvious cut off to the tint, we create the LOOK that suit's the vehicle, we are imaginative and we take a great pride in our work. We have samples available of all the shades from the beneath selection.



The films are two way therefore regardless of the visual shade of the tint from the outside, the visisiblity from within the vehicle is not affected in the same way. For example you can still see out of a car with a 5% film on, but cannot see in at all.


Below are some examples of different shades fitted to vehicles.


35% - Range Rover Vogue L332


20% - Range Rover Vogue L405


5% - Porsche Cayenne